Tail Blazers Agility Club of the Brandywine Valley, PA

Indoors - dust free - horse arena that is 200’ X 90’

Footing - TR3 - mixture of sand, fiber, rubber which provides animals
comfort by reducing impact and providing cushion stability.

Directions to Training Facility
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                    Training Director: Beginners: Susan Parrish . . .  smpwk@hotmail.com
                    Training Director: Upper Levels: Linda Morgan

(times rotate each month)

Mondays: Beginners (I, II, Advanced Beginners) and Novice - 6:00 & 7:45 PM
Tuesdays: Open and Advanced Open - 6:00 & 7:45 PM
Wednesdays (Starting July 10): Beginners I - 7:00 PM
Thursdays: Excellent and Masters - 6:00 & 7:45 PM


Beginners & Novice: Sandy Costello - Instructor; Michelle Schwartz - Assistant Instructor
Beginners: Nancy Schilling - Instructor 
Open & Advanced Open: Nancy Spada - Instructor; Linda Morgan - Assistant Instructor
Excellent & Masters: Sandi Shilling - Instructor; Nancy Spada - Assistant Instructor


TBAC offers new Beginners classes each January and July.  The focus of this class is to introduce the dogs to the agility equipment to lay the foundation for the TBAC training program.

There is a prerequisite of basic obedience. Your dog must have a good recall (come), sit, stay and lie down. If your dog needs to attend obedience classes, we can offer some recommendations. Your dog should also be crate trained. We can share some links to helpful YouTube® videos to assist with that as well. All Beginners class applicants will need to contact Susan Parrish to arrange for an evaluation to determine readiness for agility and to reserve a space in the January/July classes. Applicants will be accepted on a first come basis and will be notified of their status as soon as a non-refundable $50.00 deposit is received and evaluation is passed. See our evaluation demo video here: TBAC Evaluation Demo Video. Training fees are not refundable after your first class.

Duration:  10 weeks
Fee: $220.00

Before starting the first class, you must provide the following:

Fees and Forms should be submitted to:

Susan Parrish
c/o TBAC
P. O. Box 560
Newtown Square, PA 19073
(610) 356-3211

After completing the first 10-week course, you can continue into the second 10-Week Beginners Class.


The focus of this class is strengthening the dog’s equipment performance and continued development of foundation training through use of 1-5 obstacle segments.

Requirement:  Completion of Beginners I Class or contacting Beginners Training Chairperson
Duration:  10 weeks
Fee: $220.00

With the completion of the second 10 week Beginners II class, you can pass into the Advanced Beginners class.

After completing Beginners II, in order to continue training with the club, you must apply for TBAC Membership. All level classes from Advanced-Beginners to Masters are based on a 6-month Training Member Fee schedule.


Training classes from Advanced-Beginners thru Masters will vary in class instruction to meet the demands of the dog and handler's experience level.  Increasing segment length and drill difficulty determines each class training plan.  Members will be placed in the appropriate classes as determined by the Training Director and the Instructors.

Requirement: TBAC Membership or contacting Training Chairperson
Duration:  6 months
Fee: $220.00

All levels of training classes from Advanced Beginner up thru Masters will vary in instruction.  To meet the demands of the dog’s experience, it is necessary to place each team into the correct class.  Prospective Members may contact us at tbacagility@gmail.com  to arrange an Instructor-based evaluation.

Before the evaluation/class please submit to the Training Director the following:

  • Evaluation Fee Payment
  • Current copy of the dog’s Rabies Vaccination
  • Membership Form

Once accepted into the training program and before the first training class, you must provide signed Membership and Training forms with payment of fees.

Please note: Training fees are not refundable after the first class. DROP-IN’S ARE NOT PERMITTED.

For more information, please contact us at: tbacagility@gmail.com

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